Buying a property

Have you found a property that ticks all boxes & are you ready to put in an offer?

Buying a property conveyancing

Once you have located and decided to purchase your property within your financial & other considerations, we will usually follow the following steps:

  • a thorough examination of the terms and conditions of the draft contract which is important & essential. 
  • providing contract review feedback to them, answering their questions/concerns, seeking further information regarding the property & seeking amendments to the contract as required
  • assist our clients in carrying due diligence including any property inspections as per our clients discretion to establish if an encumbrances are applicable.
  • assist in signing and exchange of contracts.
  • carry out required searches, liaise with your bank to book & attend settlement on your behalf
  • work closely with our clients to get these initial steps done in a timely and prompt fashion especially in a scenario where they are attending an auction or purchasing a property in a pre-auction offer.

As the purchaser you should not sign the contract and pay deposit up until the contract has been thoroughly reviewed, all requirement amendments are negotiated, you receive feedback/consultation from a Licensed Conveyancer and all your questions/concerns have been answered.

It is also important that you have a pre-approval from your bank before you enter the contract if a cooling off period applies. If you intend to purchase the property in a scenario where cooling off period does not apply such as at auction or via a pre auction offer then you must discuss this with your your banker or broker before hand.

We provide a complete solution to our clients purchasing property from reviewing contract(s) for them contract review all the way to attending settlement and beyond. At Sydney Conveyancing your satisfaction is the most fundamental measure of success.

Sydney Conveyancing provide a complete conveyancing solution for our clients purchasing property. From revewing the contract, explaining the entire process to you, keeping you well informed at every step all the way to settlement and beyond. Our experienced conveyancers will assist you promptly, always keeping your legal interests in mind.